How to use Meson to enhance Arweave

Upload a file to Arweave network and get dataTxId.

{“name”: “Top Gun Maverick 2021 New Trailer Paramount Pictures_1080p.mp4”, “size”: 27433229, “lastModifiedDate”: 1624960183753,
dataTxId”: “-ZW0S2kqxYSRUHQW5AbBp046gLILFCZmxf37HoP1K4k”, “dataContentType”: “video/mp4”}

Open it in official gateway:

Now, let’s use Meson Network to optimize the global delivery for this file.

The format: + ‘arweave_file_id’

Tesla announced on Monday, it has bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and may accept bitcoin as payment.

People may wonder why that happened? And what we can predict from it?

In fact, Leeor Shimron, the author from Forbes had a deep analysis of the relationships between Tesla and Bitcoin. He found out that the highest price correlation between Bitcoin and Tesla was in the last six months during the period of October 2019 to April 2020. Meanwhile, he also noticed…


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